Monday, June 16, 2008

The Dream - A Real Studio

I thought it would be best to dedicate my first post to my new studio space. After years of sub-par work environments, stashed into a corner of shared living spaces I'm actually working in a significant work space that I can call my own. It's a pretty cool thing. I love having a space to go where all my "stuff" is, a space where I can move around... and take a few steps back even. A window that doesn't look out onto a brick wall.
After a significant break from working on Daphne, I'm finally back at it again (That's a page on my table right there). Drawing a full length graphic novel takes a LONG time, and can be a fairly isolating experience. I might reconsider my stance on serializing Daphne. At first I was determined to finish the whole thing before publication, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe a webcomic, maybe a self-published mini. I have a few plans floating around. Perhaps something new will come about.


DeweySweet said...

It looks awesome, Cam! May you have many years of joyous inspiration and creation in your new studio space!

Alec Longstreth said...

Wow, congratulations Cameron! Your new studio looks GREAT. Very well organized.

I'm so glad to hear you are back to work on Daphne. I'll be joining you (back on Basewood) in about a month. Then we can commiserate on the graphic novel process! ;)

Hang in there and congratulations once again.

Everybody's gotta be in a Gang said...

Looks great, Cam! An ideal work-space.
I think you should try to start publishing "Daphne" in individual issues if you can. I'm guessing you would attract 2 separate crowds- the ones that are "in the know" and get your individual issues, and the others who read about the good reviews after the fact but just in time for the big, compilation graphic novel hard-cover, rockim-sockim, power-packed, all-encompassing, rock-solid, jumbo book. Then they'll see...

I noticed the "Savages" poster on the wall; I coincidentally just saw that a couple of weeks ago. You were great in it.

Btw, your package is on the way.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Congrats, Cam! On the new blog and the new studio space! Looks like a real nice place to work.

I noticed our Charles Burns figures on the wall - I've got that set - but I just realized I'm missing one of them! I don't have that pink wormy character second from the left! I don't have the Woodring figures that you've got on top, though - those look cool.

And who did that Don Quixote ink drawing on the wall?

Good luck with Daphne - should be great when it's done!

Christopher said...

I am excited to see the creations born of the new studio.

Kelly T said...

Hope to see you keep up this blog....see you next time you are up....I know your creative juices with revel in their new environment.

CamChes said...

Julie - Thanks Jules! Are you still in NYC? Or have you made the journey to N.C. yet? I hope your move works out just as great for you as it did for me.
Alec - Thanks so much man! I get a lot of inspiration from you and the work you are doing.
Dan - You might be right about that. I've definitely been thinking about putting out Daphne in some individual issues (maybe with some other material too). If I do it I want to do it right. I'll keep an eye out for your package, thanks!
Justin - Yeah those figures have been boxed up for awhile, so I thought I'd put them out for a bit. They are pretty cool... Don Quixote is a great piece by the one and only Pablo Picasso. Good stuff.
Shade - Thanks man! I'll be giving a listen to the recording you sent real soon!
Kel - Thanks man. We'll be seeing you guys in a few weeks.

The Keeper's Notes said...

Picasso? Who's dat!?? ;) durr...I shoulda known it!